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The group of OJSC Peat Enterprise "Nesterovskoie" and «Torfo » ltd is a dynamically developing company, whose main goal is production of peat moss products meeting international quality standards and market demands. We have all conditions for it.
Our peat moss deposits range from low- to raised-bog types. Our peat bogs are primarily composed of sphagnum peat moss with acidity (pH) varying from 2.8 to 5.2. The maximum depth of our peat bogs is 10 m. We have peat deposits that ensure our production to last for many years ahead, that is - according to experts' estimation -approximately for 250 years.
In order to develop and keep the bogs and their melioration system fully operational our company is geared with a large park of modern top quality high output machinery.
One of our workshops is equipped with a new milling and screening line we use to break peat blocks into fractions of a specified size to be further treated as a main component for production of peat mixtures. There are two packing and substrates producing lines installed in our workshops. To monitor peat products quality we have a state-of-the-art laboratory that helps control acidity (pH) , electrical conductivity (EC), moisture content and other parameters of our peat products.

Owing to the accumulated knowledge, intensive collaboration with overseas partners and our own research works and experience, it has become possible to continuously enlarge the range of our products.
Production of fractionated peat moss is classified as an interim process between extraction and processing of raw material and production of end products, such as potting soils, soil enhancers, peat mixtures and substrates.

Application of peat moss as a means of soil dressing and fertilisation is one of the most effective ways of improving soils guality and parameters, such as porosity, density, air capacity, water capacity, microbiological and nourishing state of the soil.
Because of the labour intensity of this process, many companies producing hobby-products, potting soils and substrates for professional growers choose to step back from this production and prefer a ready-made semi-product directly from a raw producer.

That is exactly what we can offer. Our workshops are equipped with a special milling line and screening installations that makes it possible to produce various types of peat moss fractions. At the moment we mainly produce fractions of the following size ranges: 0-10mm, 10-25mm and 25-40mm. Our fractionated peat has a superb structure and elasticity which is a perfect match for production of diverse top quality peat-based substrates.
Generally, we supply fractionated peat moss in big-bales of 4.5m3 compressed on pallets or in 150L, 250L and 300L bags.

A flexible pricing policy and expansion of our sales markets in Russia and abroad are our topmost priority. For the last few years we have been successful in entering and strengthening our positions on such largest Russian markets as Moscow, St. Petersburg, central and south Russia.
Our success was much promoted by the many horticultural national and international exhibitions and shows held in Kaliningrad, Moscow and Rostov-on-Don, in which we participated. We are proud holders of the diplomas and prizes we were awarded during these shows and exhibitions and our products won recognition with the customers.
Our peat mixtures and soil enhancers are highly appreciated by private gardeners, professional growers, nurseries and conservatories in the Moscow area, the Krasnodar Krai, the Kaliningrad area, other regions of Russia and abroad.
The club of our overseas partners is growing with each year. Our peat products have received splendid recommendations on the international markets, such as Poland, Germany, the Netherlands, Spain, Italy, and Saudi Arabia.
We have been successful in establishing long-term partnerships with many world-famous companies operating on the German, Dutch and Spanish markets.

From the logistical point of view, our stocks and warehouses have a very favorable geographical position and are located only 0.7 km away from the main motorway of the Kaliningrad region and only 10 km away from a railway station. Our remoteness from the Kaliningrad sea trading port is 140 km at the maximum. This gives us a splendid opportunity to perform deliveries to our clients using practically all means of transport. The choice of a delivery method is based on a prior agreement between our company and a client on the delivery terms and conditions. We practice motor- and railway delivery of our products to the Russian markets.
Nowadays, a special preference is given to cargo deliveries by rail. Our company offers the following delivery terms: DDU, DEQ, OF, FOB and ex-works. We supply our products to the foreign markets by tent trailers of 84 m3 and higher load capacity and also by Pallet Wide and High Cube containers. Shipments by sea are conducted by the "Volgobalt" and "Sormovsky" vessels.
As a result of a thoroughly constructed scheme of logistics and a close long-term cooperation with the local carriers and forwarders as well as owing to their reliability, we are able to monitor the timing and the quality of the cargo shipment to the destination place.
Our qualified specialists will be happy to help you obtain any supplementary information regarding the possible delivery methods, terms and pricing.




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